As explained in the section Design and Architecture, the configuration of DFIR ORC specify the list of programs to run and the name of the output archive containing the resulting data.

Any functional ready-to-use binary DFIR-Orc.exe embeds such a configuration as an XML resource. This latter is referred to as a WolfLauncher configuration file.

WolfLauncher configuration can be embedded or extracted from DFIR-Orc.exe using its own ToolEmbed command, no external tool is required.

It is a usual step to extract a configuration for modification before embedding it back into DFIR-Orc.exe. But it is also possible to influence the execution of DFIR-Orc.exe, at least to some extent, using two other means. Firstly, options can be gathered in a local configuration file to add or override embedded configuration elements. Secondly, command-line options override both other levels of configuration.

Understanding how to configure of DFIR ORC is the key to unleashing its full potential.

To help getting started, a tutorial describes step by step a few scenarios.