DFIR ORC Command-line Options

DFIR ORC cannot be solely configured using command-line options. It never was and never will be possible. DFIR ORC is configured using XML configuration files. Command-line options are too often misused, misspelled or misunderstood by users and/or administrators. DFIR ORC aims to be error resilient and delivers its output no matter what. That being said, command-line options can be used to change certain behaviors of a configured binary.


Options are case insensitive.

/out=<OutputFolder> Option

Modifies the output location of the archives. This must be an existing directory with write access for the user running DFIR-Orc.exe.


By default, outputs are written in the current directory a.k.a. .

This option overrides the output location setting defined by the output element in a local configuration file.


This option does not affect the upload location.

/TempDir=<TempFolder> Option

Changes the temporary folder used for temporary files.


By default, %TEMP%\WorkingTemp\ is used.

This option overrides the directory defined in the temporary element in a local configuration file.

/Keys Option

This option can be used to visualize the archives and commands of a configured binary DFIR-Orc.exe. When /Keys is used, no command is executed, no archives are created.


An example of the output for this command is shown below.

.\DFIR-Orc.exe /Keys

DFIR-Orc Version

Start time            : 10/22/2019 09:07:07.956 (UTC)

Computer              : DESKTOP-ORBLVTG

User                  : DESKTOP-ORBLVTG\user (elevated)

System type           : WorkStation

System tags           : OSBuild#18362,RTM,Release#1903,Windows10,WorkStation,x64
Operating System      : Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (build 18362), 64-bit
Output   directory    : C:\Temp\output (encoding=UTF8)
Temp     directory    : C:\Temp\WorkingTemp (encoding=UTF8)
Log file              : DFIR-ORC_WorkStation_DESKTOP-ORBLVT_20191022_090707.log
Repeat Behavior       : No global override set (config behavior used)
Priority              : Low

[X] Archive: Main (file is DFIR-ORC_WorkStation_DESKTOP-ORBLVTG_Main.7z)
        [X] Command SystemInfo
        [X] Command Processes
        [X] Command GetEvents
        [X] Command Autoruns
        [X] Command NTFSInfo
        [ ] Command NTFSInfoHashPE
        [X] Command FatInfo
        [ ] Command FatInfoHashPE
        [X] Command USNInfo
        [X] Command GetArtefacts

[X] Archive: Hives (file is DFIR-ORC_WorkStation_DESKTOP-ORBLVTG_Hives.7z)
        [X] Command GetSystemHives
        [X] Command GetUserHives
        [X] Command GetSamHive

[ ] Archive: Yara (file is DFIR-ORC_WorkStation_DESKTOP-ORBLVTG_Yara.7z)
        [X] Command GetYara

Finish time           : 10/22/2019 09:07:07.956 (UTC)
Elapsed time          : 0 msecs

An [X] before an archive implies that it will be collected. However, an [X] before a command only shows the default commands run when collecting the archive. If the archive itself is not selected, the command will not be run. In the previous example, the archives Main.7z and Hives.7z are computed but not Yara.7z.

/Key=<Keyword>, /+Key=<Keyword> and /-Key=<Keyword> Options

Regarding the <Keyword> value:

  • the list of available keywords can be obtained with the /Keys option,

  • can be a comma separated list of keywords,

  • are case insensitive,

  • non-matching keywords are not executed nor generated (and no warning message displayed).

The /Key=<Keyword> option allows the selection of specific commands to be executed or archives to be generated.


The /+Key=<Keyword> option enables an optional archive or command (cf. archive element, command element).


The /-Key=<Keyword> option disables an archive generation or command execution.


Options /+Key and /-Key can be combined and repeated on the command line. /+Key options take effect first and then the /-Key ones.

This option overrides the attributes of the archive element and the command element.

It also overrides optional settings using key, enable_key and disable_key elements in a local configuration file.


“c++” syntax /Key+=<keyword> and /Key-=<keyword> is also supported.


/Keys can be used in conjunction with /Key, /+Key and /-Key to visualize the command and archives actually selected to be collected.

/ChildDebug and /NoChildDebug Options

These options respectively enable and disable the debugger of DFIR ORC.


The debugger is disabled by default.

This option overrides the ChildDebug attribute set in the wolf element.

/Once, /Overwrite and /CreateNew Options

These options control the behavior of the launcher when the output archives are already present in the output or upload location (cf. archive element).

These options apply to all archives created by the execution of DFIR-Orc.exe.


This option overrides the repeat attribute set in the archive element in a WolfLauncher configuration file.

/Compression=<CompressionLevel> Option

This option controls the level of compression for generated archives. Allowed values are: None, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Maximum, Ultra.

The override applies to all archives created by the DFIR ORC execution.


By default, level Normal is used.

This option overrides the compression attribute set in the archive element in a WolfLauncher configuration file.

/archive_timeout=<TimeoutValue> Option

This option configures the number of minutes during which the archive is allowed to run after the last command finishes. In other words, this parameter is the timeout after which the archive is canceled at the end of command execution.


By default, an archive creation has to complete within 5 minutes after the last command terminates.

This option overrides the archive_timeout attribute set in the archive element in a WolfLauncher configuration file.

/command_timeout=<TimeoutValue> Option

This option configures the time span (in minutes) during which the command engine is allowed to run. In other words, this parameter configures the total amount of time, per archive, the commands can take to execute.


By default, after 3 hours, any pending command is killed, the archive is then properly completed and closed.

This option overrides the attribute command_timeout of the archive element in a WolfLauncher configuration file.

/tee_cleartext Option

This option is for testing/debugging purposes only. It creates a clear text file alongside the encrypted file when DFIR ORC encrypts its output (cf wolf recipient element).

/no_journaling Option

This option disables the journal format inside PKCS#7 CMS messages (for encrypted archives), thus directly creating the enveloped archive inside the CMS message (at the expense of a temporary clear text file created on disk).

/WERDontShowUI Option

When DFIR-Orc.exe and children crash (no matter whether child debug is enabled), it may happen that a user interface is shown to the user, asking for interaction.

This results in a loss of concurrent execution and DFIR-Orc.exe eventually hangs (when all concurrent runs are blocked by this UI). To prevent this, the WERDontShowUI option temporarily disables WER UI (Microsoft Windows Error Reporting). When DFIR ORC ends, this parameter is reset to its previous value.


Using this option may modify twice the registry value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting,DontShowUI.

By default, it is disabled (i.e. WER prompts are shown).

This option overrides the werdontshowui attribute of the wolf element.

/Priority=<Level> Option

To avoid impact on the user experience during the tool execution, DFIR-Orc.exe can be launched with a modified priority (typically below normal).

Available priority values are:

Priority level








This option overrides the priority attribute of the dfir-orc element in a local configuration file.

/PowerState=<Requirements> Option

To avoid letting the computer sleep (a.k.a. going to StandBy or S3 power mode) when the user is away, this option can be used with the following values:

  • SystemRequired

  • DisplayRequired

  • UserPresent

  • AwayMode

To only prevent sleep, recommended value for this option is: SystemRequired,AwayMode.

This option overrides the powerstate attribute of the dfir-orc element in a local configuration file.

Mothership Specific Command-line Options

The Mothership mechanism allows DFIR ORC to be executed in any compatible context (Scheduled Task, Logon Script, Startup script, x86/x64…). The configuration allows the Mothership to launch the subsequent execution which suits the context. Specific command-line options can be used to customize this behavior.

-NoWait Option

With this option, the mothership executes the command engine (i.e. WolfLauncher) with appropriate options (CREATE_SUSPENDED|CREATE_BREAKAWAY_FROM_JOB) and return immediately. This option is typically used in startup scripts which could limit the time DFIR-Orc.exe is allowed to run.

-WMI Option

With this option, the mothership executes the command engine (i.e. WolfLauncher) using WMI (the Win32_Process::Create method).

-PreserveJob Option

With this option, the mothership does not alter the job under which it executes. By default, the mothership attempts to modify the current job (if needed, typically to allow JOB_OBJECT_LIMIT_BREAKAWAY_OK).


Using this option may lead to a failure in WolfLauncher command engine if BreakAwayFromJob is not allowed. See Requirements for more details.